Grilling 8 Piece Set


Included are all you need to create the perfect Father’s day BBQ – on the grill or off! Who needs big, heavy tools when all you need are the right 2 tools – tongs to manipulate each precious morsel over and over, and the stainless spatula to scoop the grilled fare off the grill in one fast scrape! And the final essential ingredient is the grapeseed oil marinade to seal in the juices on a hot grill! The Original Grapeseed Oil in our 1/2 L can for cooking and salads. Our infused grapeseed oils – roasted garlic, lemon, basil and chili are the perfect liquid spice, each flavor for specific marinating specialties! And lastly, our new White Truffle Grapeseed Oil which adds a magic white truffle boost to any dish! All packed in a lovely signature wooden crate. Made in the beautiful Napa Valley!

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