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The Original Grapeseed Oil!™ …Made in the Napa Valley

Salute Sante Infused Grapeseed Oils Salute Sante Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil Salute Sante Pure Grapeseed Oils Salute Sante Grapeseed Flour

Infused with fresh , all natural herbs, try our “liquid spice” to dip, drizzle or marinate! roasted garlic, basil, chili, rosemary and lemon

Extra Virgin Cold Pressed 11 varietal grapeseed oils are made in the Napa Valley. The perfect finishing oil for salads, cheese or grilled meats.  

The perfect oil! Our heart healthy grapeseed oil is perfect for grilling, sautéing, marinating or frying. Available in bulk for food service and manufacturers.

Grapeseed Flour is rich in antioxidants and GLUTEN FREE. Adds a nuttiness and crispy texture to your favorite baking recipes!


Delicious • Healthy • Kosher • Non GMO • Zero Trans Fats • Green • Award Winning

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