Celebrating 30 Years of Salute Santé Grapeseed Oil


Sustainability is first and foremost in everything we do to bring you our green, sustainable, healthy, and delicious products.
From Our Veggie Oil Powered Cars, Upcycled Seeds & Recycled Steel Cans we are 100% Upcycled and 100% Sustainable!!


Veggie Oil Cars

2008 Veggie Oil Powered Car

Fueling Saluté Sante Veggie Oil Powered Cars in 2008

Napa grapeseed oil producer Valentin Humer is making history with a once-discarded vineyard byproduct, winning praise for the his high quality oils in the process.

We at Salute Santé! have always been passionate about making DELICIOUS, GOOD for YOU FOOD while keeping our carbon footprint low. That might sound trendy and familiar today, but it certainly didn’t when we started making grapeseed oil 30 years ago.

Back in 2006, when our company Food & Vine delivered oil to restaurants in Napa Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, we came up with a breakthrough idea to recycle the USED oil left over by the restaurants and keep it out of landfills and water supplies. We began to POWER our cars solely on USED oil! We’d pick it all up at the same time we delivered the new oil, and used it to power both the company truck and Mercedes sedan. With only a few simple changes to the diesel engine, we were on our way to full sustainability!

Napa Entrepreneur Goes Green with Grapeseeds
California Country, March/April 2008

Upcycled  Seeds, Plant-based, 100% Sustainable

Full Circle
California Bountiful, July/August 2016

It all starts here…the best vineyards of the world produce the best grape seeds. We’ve worked for over 30 years to bring chefs and home chefs the highest quality grapeseed oil. Increasing our quality level to COLD PRESSED, we developed a technique to press seed against seed at 8000 lb of pressure, without solvents, making the most delicious & light nutty grapeseed oil loved by Iron Chefs to Oprah! Our award winning grapeseed oil is PLANT BASED, BPA-free, packed in recyclable steel cans and glass which guarantees a 24 month shelf life.

Unlike seed oils which require new crop after each harvest, plus lots of water and fertilizer, OUR oil comes from the grape: a fruit just like olive and avocado. But because our oil is 100% UPCYCLED from an EXISTING resource — winery waste — the result is ZERO WASTE. Exactly what we aim for in our partnership with Mother Earth!

Husband and wife team Valentin and Nanette Humer are the owners and founders of Food and Vine Inc., which makes grapeseed oil and grapeseed flour Matt Salvo


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