White Truffle Grapeseed Oil


Drizzle the White Truffle oil over the final dish to add a boost of delicious white truffle flavor! Delicious over pasta, burrata cheese, potatoes and even popcorn!

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Weight 9.4 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 7.25 in
How We Make It

Creating the world’s first White Truffle grapeseed oil was a huge undertaking. Typically, the prestigious process is reserved strictly for olive oil, so we are very proud to have joined the ranks. We felt the time was right for the flavor and aromas of white truffle to shine thru our grapeseed oil. The process is highly proprietary but we can say the fresh, fragrant white truffles inoculate the oil full of flavor and aroma and the result is a new oil that has all the white truffle flavor of fresh shaved truffles which shines thru the delicate taste of grapeseed oil.

Health Benefits

High in heart-healthy Omega 6 fatty acids
Great source of Vitamin E
Zero Trans Fat


24-month shelf-life from the manufacture date
Store at room temperature (between 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit) in a dry and clean food grade condition
The oil does not need to be refrigerated
Store in an area away from direct sunlight


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