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A Year of Grapeseed Oil - January

Absolutely Delicious

Insanely Healthy

Totally Easy

Life is too short to eat mediocre meals

Do you wish there was an easy way to make your food taste delicious?

Is healthy food as important to you as tasty food?

Are you too busy to be a fabulous cook every night?

Do you trust the purity of the food products you buy?

Do you have difficulty cooking both delicious AND healthy meals?

Does your oil have hidden ingredients that compromise your health?

The oil that instantly makes you a better cook.

Absolutely Delicious

The clean, lightly nutty, yet neutral taste of Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil exquisitely enhances the flavor of your ingredients, without overpowering them. No wonder it’s the secret ingredient of celebrity chefs.

Insanely Healthy

We deliver the purist-of-the-pure 100% certified Grapeseed Oil. Non GMO, Kosher, naturally high in Vitamin E and essential linoleic acid. No cholesterol. No sodium. No preservatives. No trans-fatty acids.

Totally Easy

Just pour, drizzle or marinate your favorite dish with Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil and instantly impress the foodie in you and others. It’s that simple and that easy!

Sorry, olive oil—you’ve been a good friend, but I’ve moved on. Pure grapeseed oil is great for cooking and has no cholesterol, no sodium, no preservatives, and no trans-fatty acids. All those nos add up to a very big yes!