On August 8th, 2019 we celebrated the 40-year Anniversary of the opening of the Jean-Louis restaurant at the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC in August 1979. Considered one of the culinary geniuses of the 20th century, Jean-Louis Palladin was a master of his craft. In 1974, at 28 yrs old, he won 2 Michelin stars for his restaurant Tables des Cordeliers in Gascony, France.
We were proud to join Star Chef’s Jaques Pepin, Jimmy Sneed, Larbi Daroush who arrived with Jean-Louis from France,  along with Kingbird chef Sebastian Giannini as they recreate Jean-Louis’ master piece dishes from his cookbook, Cooking with the Seasons for a not-to-be-missed dinner.

                                              Figure 1 L to R: Chef Jacques Pepin, Chef Jimmy Sneed, Chef Larbi Daroush and Valentin Humer

It was also the official launch of the film development of In Search of JLP, a documentary on the legend. King Moon’s documentary, created and executive produced by Suzi Bittles, “In search of a legendary master chef, my Father, Jean-Louis” (working title) is set to begin shooting January 2020! Join us as we tell the story of one of the most legendary chefs in culinary history.


Figure 2 Valentin sharing our Chardonnay Grapeseed oil with Jacques Pepin as Jimmy Sneed inspects the Chanterelles

Please enjoy this video of the event:


  Figure 4 Valentin recounting a meeting with Jean-Louis at the Culinary Institute in Calistoga to his daughter, Verviene Palladin

Jean-Louis was an encouragement and a mentor to us as we began our Grapeseed oil journey. Recognizing the many culinary and health benefits of grapeseed oil, he encouraged us to make it readily available for the professional chef, as well as the home chef. “Create the market for grapeseed oil in this country. I believe, that is the thing to do,” he would say.

Please enjoy this iconic video he did with Valentin back in 1992 to help us get off the ground!




A work of art created as the menu for the Jean-Louis 40th Anniversary Dinner – the menu art by Jacques Pepin signed by all the chefs and was a gift to all that attended!

Washington coverage of the event:



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