Lemon Grapeseed Oil 200ml bottle

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The flavor and scent of our Salute Santé!  Lemon Grapeseed Oil is reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemonade! It’s high smoke point makes it perfect as a marinade for grilled fish, and will give you the perfect crispy crust while keeping the inside tender and moist. Delicious over leafy greens and grains; drizzle it over steamed vegetables for a citrus zing, or as a breakfast treat for citrus French toast. It provides delicious flavor and aroma and has a light texture and mouth feel. Perfect as the “liquid lemon burst” to add to any dish! Select the 6 pack for a 10% savings.

Infused with fresh, all natural herbs, Salute Santé!® Infused Grapeseed Oils shine with delicious fresh flavors, making them ideal as “liquid spice” to dip, drizzle or marinate for all your cooking possibilities.
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Lemon grapeseed oil is great for drizzling over seafood, salads or grains. Use it as "liquid spice" for any dish you would typically add fresh lemon to.

Food & Vine Inc. is proudly verified as 100% pure grapeseed oil