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Baking with Grapeseed Oil & Grapeseed Flour!

We all love how easy it is to cook with grapeseed oil but have you tried baking with it yet? Whether sweet or savory, grapeseed oil will give your baked goods a delicious flavor while keeping them from drying out. And for fruity, nutty or chocolate recipes, our grapeseed flour will add a hearty, nutty flavor that practically shouts “I’m healthy!” It adds a crispy texture to whatever you are baking– perfect for scones, crackers, breads or dehydrating recipes, and extra special for gluten free versions which can be too crumbly without the gluten!

Here are two ways to easily incorporate them into your everyday recipes:

  1. Substitute grapeseed oil for the oil or fats called for in any recipe. You can enjoy your favorite treats knowing they are healthier and even more delicious! 
  2. Grapeseed flour adds a wonderful flavor and healthy kick to sweet as well as savory baked goods. Use 1 tablespoon of grapeseed flour per 1 cup of flour for fruit breads, muffins, bars, granolas, grain breads, focaccia, pizza and even homemade pasta! Try it sprinkled over yogurt or add to your smoothie for an extra boost of antioxidants.

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